What I do: Web site design capabilities

Saying you want a web site built is a little like saying you want a house built. There is a wide variety of scale.

I offer a broad range of services and can provide anything from a simple but elegant "brochure site" to a complex, rich-media entertainment site.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is about more than making your site look good. Design is important because of the image it projects about your business.


These are the language of the Web, the code in which your site is created. My expertise will assure that your site is written in modern, standards-compliant code.

My CSS methods can give you a site that is flexible, easy to update and can be given an entire new look in the future with updates to a single style-sheet document.

Web Graphics

If your site's design requires graphical buttons, headers, icons or other images, these items don't have to be outsourced. I'm a versatile illustrator and recognized expert in the preparation of graphics for the web. I also know how to prepare photographs to display with maximum quality and a minimum download time.


Tastefully applied animation and motion graphics can give your site a bit of additional appeal.

Used well, it can add interest and interactivity to your site. Used poorly, it can drive visitors away. I know how to use it well.

I teach courses in Animation for the Web at the Delaware College of Art and Design.


It doesn't matter how much content your site has, or how good it is, if visitors can't find their way to what they want. I know how to organize your site's structure and navigation for maximum clarity and effectiveness.


The web is a special place with its own set of rules. Short attention spans and fierce competition are the rule. I can help you get your message across.

Search Engine Optimization

I can help to arrange your pages and content for maximum effectiveness in search engine rankings.

Unlike many firms, I don't make unfounded promises. I also don't pretend Search Engine Optimization is an arcane art and charge an arm and a leg for it. I explain it to you, and help you make effective choices about how your content is arranged.

Site Maintenance

Some design firms will create a site for you and then say goodbye, or offer you an expensive maintenance contract.

I continue to support my work and remain available to my clients when they need updates or revisions.

If you prefer, I can set up your site so that you or someone in your organization can easily make updates to text and images. See my Design Process page for more details.

Content Management Systems

I can provide a dynamic, database driven website, giving you the ability to edit pages through an administrative interface; plus all of the advantages of a content management system (CMS), using ExpressionEngine or WordPress.