Pettinaro Residential

Pettinaro Residential

  • Client: Pettinaro Residential
  • Project: Website
  • Description: Website for firm providing short-term leasing and relocation services in Delaware, Maryland and Florida.
  • Services: Website design, HTML & CSS, animated intro, animated image galleries, live Google Maps for locations, client-editable content on all pages.

This Delaware based company provides short-term leasing and relocation services in Delaware, Maryland and Florida, catering to business people.

The site showcases each of the company's nine residential communities, with slideshows of photographs, floor plans, live Google Maps for location and pages of area info.

All page of the site also feature images of the communities that showcase the amenities and superb locations.

Every page of the website is editable by company personel through Adobe Contribute, a desktop application that allows editing of the web page content without knowledge of HTML. Editing takes place in a web browser-like interface, in which the editor simply selects content and edits, or types or pastes in new text.

Images can also be replaced at will by the site owner. Static images can be replaced through Adobe Contribute, and the slide shows can be edited through a photo management system that allow them to upload, re-order and remove images from the slideshows at will, as well as create new slide shows of events and special occasions.