Alla Prima Pochade

Florida Springs: The Journey of Water

  • Client: FusionSpark Media
  • End Client: Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  • Project: Interactive Flash module for Florida Springs Web site
  • Description: Flash interactive about Florida's natural springs and Aquifer
  • Services: Interactive design, ActionScript coding, Flash Animation and Illustration

The Journey Of Water Flash interactive launches in a pop-up window.

It is constructed as a series of small, interconnected Flash files, designed to reduce download time and keep the level of user interest high.

Interactivity and animation are used to inform the user about the impact of human activity on the Florida Aquifer.

Each major topic is linked to a series of detail images and animations illustrating the principles involved in spring formation and the flow of water through the Florida aquifer.

The file size of the animations is kept small enough to ensure quick downloads and ease of use, yet they are detailed enough to be engaging and informative.