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Books (Amazon links)

As of winter 2018, there still are not many books available on Adobe Animate CC.

Note: If you search you will come across a number of books on "Adobe Edge Animate"; this is not what you want. "Adobe Edge Animate" was a different HTML5 animation program and has been discontinued by Adobe.

No books are necessary for the course, I simply list them as resources for those who want a book reference in addition to the class instruction.

Beginning Adobe Animate CC: Learn to Efficiently Create and Deploy Animated and Interactive Content
Tom Green & Joseph Labrecque
To date, this is the best book on Adobe Animate CC currently available. It covers both the baics and some of the more in-depth topics.
Adobe Animate CC Classroom in a Book (2017 release)
By Russell Chun
$59.99 list, $53.61 Amazon
This is a weaker choice, but still a useful book on Adobe Animate CC. It has good sections on a lot of the important techniques. It's major flaw is that it is basically a revised and updated book on the Flash authoring tool (which was the predecessor of Adobe Animate CC). The HTML5 Canvas information, which is more important now, is somewhat tacked on rather than being the core of the book.

Third party resource sites

HTML5 Banner Ad White Paper
Proposal for Internet Advertising Bureau to create standards for HTML5 banner ads in place of Flash
Designer's Toolbox — Banner ad sizes
Standard and common but not standard sized for web banner ads

Alternative software for HTML5 animation

Google Web Designer
Mac/Win, free
Tumult Hype 3
Mac only - Free Trial; Regular version: $50; Pro version: $99
Hippo Animator
Mac/Win, Free Starter Version - Full version: $50
Mac/Win, currently a free Beta version
Sencha Animator (discontinued)
Appears to be discontinued without explanation from the company